Lonny Trials: The $18.99 Target Sheet With 1600 Positive Reviews

The reviews are true.

Lonny Trials: The $18.99 Target Sheets With 1600 Positive Reviews

I'm a huge fan of the phrase,"bang for your buck." Going on the hunt for hidden gems, second-hand designer items, or just a good sale is one of my favorite pastimes. So when I upgraded to a queen and needed a new fitted sheet, I decided to go on a search for the most loved item on the internet.

First off, I'm the kind of person who prefers sleeping sans top sheet. I have a gorgeously soft duvet cover from Snowe that I absolutely love cuddling up with and don't need anything in the way. So I first ordered a well-reviewed sheet from Amazon that was $25. The first night I put it down on my bed, it was so scratchy. Like, I wanted to sleep on top of my duvet scratchy. I gave it a wash and still it was a no-go. I cursed the Amazon reviewers who clearly were lying and suffered through.

After this horrible experience, I entertained investing in some high-end sheets, but I still didn't want to give up on my money-saving pursuit. I waste most my paycheck on San Francisco rent after all! So I took a gander at Target's sheet collection online. To be frank, I was a little overwhelmed by how many there were to search through. I didn't know what thread count I needed or if I really preferred percale or linen. All I needed was something soft and in my price range. So I narrowed my search down to just a fitted sheet and was left with three choices.

When given a limited selection, I'm often turned off by the lack of options to search through. However before I moved on to check out another site, I saw that the Threshold Ultra Soft Fitted Sheet had a four-and-a-half-star rating. Plus 1640 reviews. And an $18.99 price tag. Like, if I saw that combo of positive data for a restaurant on Yelp, I would 10/10 check it out. So I dropped it into my cart and pulled out my credit card.

In a matter of days, my new sheet arrived. I tore open the packaging and ran my hands over the 300-thread-count linens. It was butter soft. As soon as I got home, I tore off my itchy sheet, took a hot minute to put on my new one (I'm 5'3" and putting on bedding is always an ordeal for me), and hopped under the covers. The reviews were true. This $18.99 sheet is the bomb.

While I'm not one to usually brag about the bedding I sleep on, I have about this. It is seriously so cozy. I've had friends visiting from out of town sleep in my bed and rave about how soft the sheet is. Plus, if it rips or gets a major stain, buying a replacement would be no big deal. Because $18.99. So if you need a new sheet, guest linens, or just something to brag about, I would give these sheets five stars.

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