Get to Know the Design World's Power Squads

Your ultimate guide to home-savvy celebs and their decorating guru.

How do you get from Taylor Swift to HRH the Prince of Wales? Through Nate Berkus and India Hicks of course. Snoop Dogg to Ina Garten? Take a shortcut through Martha Stewart. The idea of influential celebrity friend groups—of late, also known as "squads" thanks to a few select Hollywood girl crews—is far from new. (What do you think ladies in waiting were for?) But thanks to modern technology in general and Instagram in particular we now enjoy 24-7 access to our favorite celebs and design stars. We're immediately made aware of every boldface attendee of Reese Witherspoon's store opening, and know more about the day-to-day goings on of Nathan Turner's glamorous dog than what's going on with our real-life acquaintances. Of course, our investigative journalist fan girl super sleuth instincts kick in when we find out two of our favorites are friends. 

It's a near-constant undercurrent of conversations at Lonny HQ as we coordinate home tours and cover collaboration launches, so it didn't take long for us to start making connections between select style influencers and those over whom they might hold influence. Obvious groupings emerged, of course—the Million Dollar Decorators crew linked up easily and cast their net over a slew of L.A.-based celebs. The Royals were a bit more elusive, weaving a haughty network of aristocrats and their eccentric design gurus. In a rather ridiculous Beautiful Mind moment we started white-boarding a web of said connections, which grew over a week or two into, quite honestly, a hot mess of incestuous dotted lines, tentative links, and rumored collabs, and then slowly but surely back into the far more reasonable iteration you see below. Scroll over the web and click the targets to see how some of our (and hopefully your) choice talents get around in the design world. And by all means, feed our addiction and tell us who we missed in the comments below.

Design's Power Squads