Lonny Trials: I Tried A Voice-Control Trashcan And It's Actually Life Changing

It's not just a techie dream.

Lonny Trials: I Tried A Voice-Control Trashcan And It's Actually Life Changing
Courtesy of Simplehuman.

When I first got an offer to try out a Simplehuman voice-control trashcan, I thought it sounded like the most ridiculous thing in the world. I live in San Francisco, so I see tech inventions with no real reason behind them all the time. My first thought was, "Why on earth would I ever need to talk to my trashcan?!?" But I put on a do-it-for-the-story attitude and decided to give it a go. And I'm so happy I did.

When I brought home the can, I actually left it in the box for almost a week. It felt like such an extra item that I really was in no rush to set it up. But when I finally pulled it out of the box and plugged it into the wall, my thoughts immediately changed.

Not only did the lid pop up whenever I said, "Open can," but it also comes equipped with a motion sensor to work when your hand is right above it. What seemed like something designed for lazy people was actually extremely helpful to have in the kitchen. Our trashcan used to be stored underneath the sink to keep smells sealed away. But the process of opening the cabinet door, pulling it out, and then tossing an item when trying to also balance heavy trash in your other hand could be a little tricky and sometimes ended up in a mess.

Now, my multitasking in the kitchen has seriously improved. Not only does it make tossing food scraps a cinch, it is also a great size, stores bags for later, and comes with a sleek stainless-steel exterior that always keeps clean. You can even order new liners straight from the Simplehuman app. Also I love that you don't even have to touch the can and spread extra germs around the kitchen.

The drawbacks? It goes through batteries pretty fast. While we luckily have ours right next to a wall outlet to plug in, it does mean we have an exposed cord. Another? The occasional moment when you're having a conversation in the kitchen and it randomly opens. Well, at least it's not laughing at us.

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