Bronson van Wyck on the Meaning of Luxury

Photo: Sean Santiago / Lonny
"I love to travel with friends and family, and the things that mean the most to me are mementos and symbols of those great times. The pig figurine reminds me of a hilarious vacation with my mom and sister in Peru. Chancho (meaning 'pig' in Spanish) became a favorite and frequently-used word on that trip!

These handled contraptions were found while vacationing with family in Tanzania. I call them fly swatters, but I’m honestly not sure if that’s their intended purpose–– they’re made of a wildebeest tail! The cocktail napkins are Buccleuch tartan. Clients come to The Holiday Workshop in search of their family’s tartan which we custom order from the Scottish mills.  It’s nice to assist in connecting people to their heritage.

These cufflinks belonged to a dear friend’s grandfather who was a Coldstream Guard.  He gifted them to me after learning of my passion for British history... I often revisit (the book) Jane’s Fighting Ships.  The bloody mary mix is the morning after cure. Some of my best memories are of parties, which include not only the night of the event, but rehashing it the next morning!

(Bronson van Wyck and his yellow lab, Cat, on the front stoop of The Holiday Workshop; ph. © Sean Santiago / Lonny)
To me, luxury means being able to spend time with people who you love with the least amount of stress.  Free of stress caused by your telephone, finances, and health concerns.  Whatever it is that I’m doing each day, it is in the aim to get rid of such stress factors so that the precious time I do have with my family and friends may be unadulterated and purely luxurious."
––Bronson van Wyck
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