Michèle Ouellet

The fashion-industry favorite also makes a mighty fine rosé

When she's not traveling for shoots or overseeing wine production in California's Napa Valley, Michèle Ouellet makes her home in Brooklyn.
When she's not traveling for shoots or overseeing wine production in California's Napa Valley, Michèle Ouellet makes her home in Brooklyn.

As trite as the “model-slash” moniker may be, Michèle Ouellet will make you rethink your preconceptions. Scouted at age 15 and a frequent face for brands such as Madewell and Free People, the native of Napa Valley, California, is also a bona fide vintner: She and her mother, Melinda Kearney, founded the rosé-specialist winery Lorenza in 2008 and have quickly won raves for their dry Bandol-style blend. (Their seventh vintage will be released next February.) From strutting the catwalk to supervising the crush, Ouellet is the essence of approachable glamour. Here, 10 visual delights that inform the multitalented twentysomething’s world.

Michèle Ouellet
Michèle Ouellet

1. Contax T-2 35mm camera “I prefer working with film for many reasons, but most importantly I don't want the act of photography to ruin the moment. With film, there's no reshoot or filters or 'tag me!' I go through about two rolls of film a week.” Pictured here, Ouellet’s own limited-edition gold model.

2. Libertine “My style is casual, but [Johnson Hartig, the brand’s lead designer] motivates me to get jazzy with how I dress. His signature silk slip dresses with Swarovski crystals blur the line between fashion and art.”

3. Jewels “I love learning about the history of ornate pieces. A few of my favorite stones are star sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and Alexandrite.”

4. Riton “My boyfriend, Henry, is a music producer and DJ. I have the best time going to his shows and dancing the night away—whomp it up!”

5. Dazed and Confused “This movie is my all-time style inspiration. I’m perpetually attempting to look like a teenager from the 1970s… Every single look in this film is on point.”

6. Newbark “I’ve accumulated quite a collection of these shoes, which are made by the most stylish sisters on the planet, Maryam and Marjan Malakpour. Their flats, slippers, and boots are well-crafted and so comfortable.”

7. The Elder Statesman “What Greg [Chait] does with cashmere is irresistible. I love the naturally dyed sweaters and bandannas.”

8. Napa Valley “We live in a little town called St. Helena; everywhere you look, you’re surrounded by vineyards. I’m grateful to have grown up in an area with amazing food, wine, and landscapes. It’s been inspiring me since the day I was born.” Pictured here, the 2012 vintage of Ouellet’s Lorenza rosé.

9. Oscar Niemeyer “I love the futuristic creations of this Brazilian architect [1907–2012]. His work is space-age and shiny; as many times as I see it, it never fails to wow me.”

10. Will Cotton “His paintings are fluffy, pink, and sugary. I love the playfulness and the texture of his work; they remind me of sunsets viewed from a plane.”