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This post was written by guest contributor Jess Chamberlain, a Seattle-based writer whose love of good design is second only to her passion for environmentally friendly—and locavore—living. Look for her #MadeInAmerica posts all month on our blog.

MVO Everyday Skincare Essentials.
Do you joke about needing a facelift? Is your bathroom cabinet brimming with a dozen different facial products from a dozen different companies? I can preach health and wellness and all-natural this and that all day long, but I've definitely been talked into age-defying miracle products (made with ingredients I can't even begin to pronounce) more than once. That stuff can add up fast, and may have an inverse effect on the vitality of your skin once you realize you're not seeing results!

The exception: The
Everyday Skincare Essentials line by Marie Veronique Organics. All of the MVO products are handcrafted in Mill Valley, California (just across the Golden Gate from San Francisco) using only organic, fair trade ingredients that are sourced as close to the company's headquarters as possible. The line is comprised of just four highly effective products that cleanse, hydrate, replenish and protect your skin. I've tried them. They work. (Thank me later.)

My favorite is the MVO Everyday Coveragea tinted moisturizer with SPF 30. It's like three products in one. I heart efficiency.

And Marie Veronique (a real person!) cares about how her product ingredients will affect your skin just as much as she thinks about how they'll affect the planet. All packaging is recyclable and all ingredients are biodegradable. (Did you know chemical sunscreens are harming coral and sealife?)

Photos courtesy of Marie Veronique Organics.
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