Shop It Now: A Self-Heating Outdoor Lounge that Doesn't Skimp on Style

This post was written by guest contributor Jess Chamberlain, a Seattle-based writer whose love of good design is second only to her passion for environmentally friendly—and locavore—living. Look for her #MadeInAmerica posts all month on our blog.

Designer Aaron Jones and the Helios Lounge in Arctic White, $4900. Photos by Laure Joliet.

San Francisco maker Aaron Jones is single-handedly changing the future of alfresco living. His gorgeously crafted cast stone bench, the Helios Lounge, is made with adjustable heating functionality—which means backyard lolling can continue well past summertime.

The debut product of Jones's company Galanter & Jones, the Helios is meticulously formed with high-performance cast concrete (which looks more like polished stone) and metal powder-coated steel tube legs. It's available in more than 20 color combinations and comes outfitted with an energy-effective thermostat that uses only 12.5 amps (about that of a hair dryer) and shuts off automatically once your desired temperature is reached.

The genius: A huge step up from the heating efficiencies of those impossible outdoor heat lamps, the
Helios Lounge warmth is transferred to you directly, not just to the surrounding air!

Helios in Helios Orange, $4900.
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