Teamwork Makes the Dream Work at Portland's Phloem Studio

(The Peninsula Chair, ph. © Lisa Warninger / Phloem Studio)
Portland, Oregon maker Ben Klebba of Phloem Studio is one of the most talented furniture designers I've ever had the pleasure of meeting (his craftmanship is a notch above A+). Ben's workshop resides on the second floor of my favorite Portland space, Beam & Anchor. (The first floor is a so-perfect-you'll-want-to-move-in store featuring mostly Northwest-designed goods; upstairs are the workshop spaces of nine of those designers. Goods are literally made in-house!)

Collaboration is the name of the game in shared workspaces—so much the better for us! Studiomate Matt Pierce (leather master behind Wood & Faulk) worked with Ben on the design of Phloem Studio's new sling Peninsula Chair (pictured above and below). And the upholstery? Taken care of by textile master Leland Duck of Revive Upholstery & Design, whose workshop is also a part of that top floor brain trust.

Interest piqued? Catch these craftsmen in action here.

(The Peninsula Chair, ph. © Lisa Warninger / Phloem Studio)
(The Maxwell Lounge and Ottoman, ph. © Lisa Warninger / Phloem Studio)
(The Nadine Lounge, ph. © Lisa Warninger / Phloem Studio)
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