Shop It Now: Removable Wall Designs by Mur

This post was written by guest contributor Jess Chamberlain, a Seattle-based writer whose love of good design is second only to her passion for environmentally friendly—and locavore—living. Look for her #MadeInAmerica posts all month on our blog.

(Large triangles, $35 for set of 12. Photos courtesy of Mur.)
Remember how you used to want to decorate your room with stickers as a child? Now you can. If you aren't already familiar with Mur, the Salt Lake City company introducing renters (and committment-phobes) to a new kind of wall art, then consider this your meet-and-greet.

Created as an affordable and less permanent alternative to paint and wallpaper (the designers are renters too!), Mur offers
seven (and counting) removable adhesive patterns. And the design and color combos aren't limited to walls: try them on cabintets, furniture—anything with a flat, clean surface. It looks like a fancy stencil or time-intensive paint-and-blue-tape job, right? But this is so much easier!

(Photos courtesy of Mur.)

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