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Marine Layer's NOLA Airbnb Has Us Jazzed

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Remember the days of flipping through clothing catalogs and mailing in a slip with your order? Yeah, we've come a long way since then. In the age of the 21st century, clothing brands, and brands in general, seem to have traded in the two-dimensional showcase for something a bit more multi-faceted.

Modern companies are instead migrating into the lifestyle space and offering a deeper dive into their brands and ethos as a whole. We’ve seen this recently with Man Repeller’s hotel takeover and Glossier’s café, and now Marine Layer, the San Francisco-based clothing company, is getting into the game.

Marine Layer, known for their soft AF tees and laid-back vibe, has recently launched two stunning Airbnbs (with hopefully more to come!) in Chicago and New Orleans. Both sit adjacent to their stores and are just as thoughtfully designed as their clothing. We were fortunate enough to break in the NOLA Airbnb before they opened it to the public and let's just say they had to pry us from our room when it was time to leave. 

So make sure you're wearing something comfortable (preferably Marine Layer) and strap in because you're about to experience some major eye candy — and FYI it's open for booking so you too can live that Marine Layer life in New Orleans!