Courtesy of Martyn Lawrence Bullard.
Dress Up
"There is nothing as glamorous as a dressing room. The simple walk-in closet seems so dated now. My clients often have me blast into another bedroom (sometime 2!) to create huge closets with enough room to dress and play in them," shares Bullard.

"I add custom cabinetry to accommodate my clients requirements, sometimes refrigerated closets for valuable vintage collections, and often just refrigerators for champagne, designer waters, and creams," says the designer. "Huge mirrored doors swivel to see all angles, while dressing, shoe, and purse walls are de rigueur with suede-lined drawers for jewels and sunglasses in every island."

He adds, "Hidden TVs, often behind special mirrored glass, and high-tech music systems for maximum entertainment moments are a must, along with magnetic door locks that only register the owner's finger prints or retina to allow access to this most individual and private of spaces."