Five Design Books to Lose Yourself In

If, like most people, you conduct much of your work in front of a computer, then you're familiar with that glazed-over look that results from an afternoon spent staring at your screen. The next time you need a #MeMoment to rest your peepers, reach for one of these recent hardbounds and let your mind wander for a spell.
(Photos: Genevieve Garruppo/Lonny)
1. Conversations on the Hudson, by Nick Hand 
Follow the author along River Road (with an accompanying hand-drawn map) as he meets creative residents of the Hudson River Valley––including sculptors, composers, boat restorers, and distillers—all aboard his Argos bicycle. One of my favorite interviewees: Ken Greene, a seed librarian from Ulster County.

2. Journey: The Life and Times of an American Architect, by Alan Wanzenberg
Wanzenburg looks back on the people, places, and encounters that have influenced his style and reflects on projects that have helped to define his career.

3. Emerald, by Joanna Hardy and Jonathan Self
Channel your inner Elizabeth Taylor and immerse yourself in the history of the green gem's many iterations, from a cabochon pendant worn as a headdress in the pages of Vogue to Cartier-designed crown jewels for the Maharaja of Patiala.  

4. Collected Cool: The Art of Bold, Stylish Interiors, by Jay Jeffers
Next month, grab Rizzoli's latest for some major design inspiration. Dissected into four different categories, the book takes us through Jeffers's favorite projects completed since the founding of Jeffers Design Group, in 1999. 

5. A Love Letter to the City, by Stephen Powers
Get to know the artist who has been wooing city dwellers worldwide with eye-catching murals for more than twenty years. Here, Powers showcases his accomplishments in typography and public art and revisits the communities that have benefitted from his optic affirmations. If you're looking for the perfect card for a special someone, a selection of his designs are now available in notecard form.

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