How the Flower Market Made Me a "Morning Person"

(Kaylei McGaw/Lonny)I've always considered myself a night owl. My mind is actually more active in the evening, and there are very few things that can coax me out of bed before 7 am. But one now-weekly event has convinced my naturally nocturnal brain otherwise: morning trips to the New York flower district.

The desire to be one of the very first customers on West 28th Street has become my internal alarm clock, which is great considering I've become Lonny's resident bloom selector. And the crosstown walk is peaceful (before commuter traffic ensues) and energizing—a much anticipated #MeMoment where I can discover new flowers each time I visit, whether I need them for a photo shoot or not. 

Here are three blooms I'm really loving right now:
1. The kale blossom (the purple bunch above, right). Jennifer Beek and Georgie Hambright of J+G Design decked out our Olympics-themed party with white kale, but you can also find it in inky indigo and shades of green. 

2. Flax (the white flowers above, left). In the spring, blue and purple flax will reign supreme, so I'm scooping up the white now while they're around! If buying wholesale, you should be able to score a fat bunch for just $10.

3. Kumquats (the orange fruits below). I've only used these in cocktail recipes thus far, but they'd add a nice pop of color mixed in with the white flax or creamy roses. Try them in a wintry centerpiece and let me know what you think!

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