Do It Yourself: A Bed Canopy Fit for a Queen

Lonny / Genevieve Garruppo
To me, there are few things more deliciously self-indulgent than staying in bed just a little too long: rueing the alarm clock, putting the outside world (and non-elastic banded clothing) at bay for an extra hour or two, and cuddling into a fluffy comforter for a few more minutes of snoozy bliss. But in the notoriously tight apartments on the charming isle of Manhattan, finding that elusive shut-off-the-world environment can be tough. Enter the decorating #MeMoment of the day: a do-it-yourself canopy bed. Because is there anything more decadent (and downright regal) than cascading drapery sealing off your ultimate happy place? 

A framed artwork hung above a burlwood headboard
Lonny1. The Fabric. To start, you'll need six curtain panels, four with the standard 50" width and two with a 25" width. When determining length, consider whether you want your canopy to just barely brush the floor or to puddle a bit for added drama. 

A floral bed canopy with industrial curtain rodsLonny2. The Rods. Since custom canopy rods can cost upwards of $1,000, look for an inexpensive curtain rod without finials. The above bedroom made use of West Elm's industrial pipe rods, that are not only handsome and low-profile, but also adjustable. 

3. Tools of the Trade. Many New York apartments have cement ceilings, so installing curtain rods will require a hammer drill. Our favorite? This cordless wonder by Ryobi, which is not only effective and easy to handle, but perfect for a variety of other home projects once the canopy is complete. 

While we'll have to leave the lush, layered, and pleated canopies of Versailles to Marie Antoinette, this simple bedroom update is the perfect way to ensure endless Sundays spent luxuriating in #MeMoment central. 

I'm the former Style Editor at Lonny.
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