A Nature-Inspired Philadelphia Jewelry Boutique

Here at Lonny, we are constantly inundated with inspiration: from a hand-stamped velvet swatch coming across our desks to the film from a recent photo shoot popping up in our inboxes, we all deeply appreciate the moments of beauty we witness on a daily basis. My current inspiration, however, comes not on a computer screen or from a man-made fabric, but from Mother Nature. My ultimate #MeMoment? Taking the time to appreciate small instances of beauty that happen simply as a reward for paying attention. 

Photo courtesy Egan Day
While in Philadelphia recently, I was loping around Rittenhouse Square when a window display for Egan Day, across the street from where I stood, caught my eye. A whimsical installation of giant felt mushrooms belied the chic store's contents: nature-inspired jewelry by the likes of Jessica Berwind and Jonathan Wahl displayed alongside the works of collage artist Sarah Zwerling and branch-like porcelain candlesticks designed by Ted Meuhling for Nymphenburg.

Photo: Wendy Scofield for Lonny
Natural pearl earrings mingle with turquoise stones atop a seashell-shaped bowl, and an organic-looking warm gold bangle complements a coral-like plate. At once modern and earthy, Egan Day is an escape in and of itself—and the perfect spot to immerse yourself in a nature-inspired shopping #MeMoment. 

Photo courtesy Egan Day

I am Lonny's Art Director.
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