#MeMoments: The Art of The Handwritten Note

courtesy Letters Lubell
Growing up, my mom taught me (read: forced me) to write thank you notes. I have memories (now fond) of post-Christmas stacks of stationery awaiting my appreciative scribbles, and seeing the little letters I wrote her posted on her deskside corkboard. Since then, I've always savored taking a moment to sit down on a Sunday with a cup of tea, lay my pens out, and write to the ones I love, miss, and owe a quick thank you. For this editor, it's a #MeMoment that keeps on giving.

courtesy Letters Lubell
My new stationer of choice? Brooklyn-based letterpress company Letters Lubell, founded by former schoolteacher Kacy Lubell in 2008. With its crisp, bold graphics emblazoned on eco-friendly 100% cotton paper stock with rubber and soy-based inks, it's no wonder that the relatively new firm has a stylish (and famous) following. Lubell counts Emma Watson, Courtney Cox, and countless magazine editors among her clientele.

Though the options were seemingly endless, my commission for the talented papersmith bore only two requirements: chic simplicity and my favorite color, lipstick red. Lubell hit the nail on the head, delivering thick, rouge-edged custom notes that are at once sophisticated and cheery. My humble intials have never looked better. And as for dear Mom, consider this your thank you note for the top-notch schooling in thoughtful correspondence!

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