Indulge in A Faux Fur Throw

Nothing says "Me Moment" like fur, even if it is faux. Regardless of your political beliefs, you can't deny the historic appeal of a plush pelt—worn by everyone from kings to Kanye (and even Joe Namath), fur is synonymous with a certain brand of laissez-faire decadence. But royalty I am not. I'm a budget-minded renter with a hankering for some quality alone time, preferably atop a fabulous faux hide. My solution to this cost conundrum? Put a throw on it!

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(Top photo © Patrick Cline / Lonny, bottom photo © Jessica Sample / Lonny)
A fur throw—or even throw pillow—makes for a great textural accent in any room, plus it's easy to find a range of styles that fit any budget. Want the look for your own home? Here's where to get it: AnthropologiePottery Barn TeenRestoration Hardware; Bed, Bath & Beyond.
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