Tell us about the importance of rattan and how Wend is helping preserving the Indonesian rainforest?
"Much of the world’s rattan is grown in the rainforests of Indonesia. It relies on the tall trees that grow in the forests in order to live. Growing as a vine, it climbs the trees in search of sunlight. Without these trees the rattan cannot survive. The people living in Indonesia have been harvesting rattan for centuries, it’s part of their traditional culture. The forest is part of the living ecosystem and regenerates extremely quickly. It’s a product that not only creates no damage to the rainforest, but actually helps in its preservation."

"For each piece sold 10% goes to The Borneo Nature Foundation which supports and empowers communities and indigenous villages on the island to protect the rainforest and endangered orangutan
and Bornean Gibbon. They are true change makers and we are honored to be able to support their work."