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Minimalist Products We're Going Gaga Over

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Minimalism has become something of a movement with throngs of people cleaning out their closets, cabinets, and drawers all in search for something deeper—joy. It’s about finding purpose in each and every item in your home whether to perform a task, instill a feeling, or serve as a reminder to take pleasure in the little things. The rule of thumb is that the majority of decor should perform practical purposes, because what’s form without function? Clutter, it seems.

Living with less, more thoughtfully curated items tends to instill a sense of serenity where everything has a home and every piece is a direct reflection not only of style but self. From a sleek side table with hidden speaker to a salt and pepper shaker that’s a work of art to 3-D printed lamps in soothing earth tones and dimmable switches, these items fit seamlessly into a clean space while also being effortlessly chic. Best of all, they’re also as practical as they are pretty!