Wish We Were Here: D.O.M., Rome

Wish We Were Here: D.O.M | Lonny.com
(Photos courtesy of D.O.M)
Here at Lonny, we're suckers for a good makeover story. Even if the before pictures aren't available to us, there's just something about a home with history that gets our imaginations going. The same is true of hotels. So what better place to mine for inspiration than the Eternal City. On today's installment of Monday Design Daydream, we're virtually venturing to the urbane D.O.M in Rome.

Wish We Were Here: D.O.M | Lonny.com
From the outside, the hotel looks at home among the historic aristocratic residences on leafy Via Giulia, in the city's off-the-tourist-radar Regola neighborhood. But thanks to Italian architect Antonio Girardi, the interiors in the 17th-century building, which once housed a convent, are entirely of-the-moment. A masculine palette of neutrals dominates in the 24 serene guest rooms, where sleek mirrored furniture meets brass fixtures and plush velvet rugs and bed frames. Architectural details such as coffered ceilings and exposed brick unite past and present.

Wish We Were Here: D.O.M | Lonny.com
Rich velvets also appear downstairs—though in a palette more vampy than soothing—at an intimate lounge and dining room punctuated with grand crystal chandeliers. In the back, a glossy black wall feels like a sophisticated take on the contemporary lodge trend: instead of burning logs, a fireplace holds a metallic candelabra, and a rustic mounted deer's skull stands in stark contrast to the boldly colored Andy Warhol silkscreens that run down a hallway wall. We don't know what the place looked like before, but with interiors this good, we don't need to.
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