Wish We Were Here: Hotel Escondido

Remember last week, when I shared my holiday-season dream of simplification? Seven days closer to Christmas, that longing has only gotten more pronounced—and has sent me in even more fervent search of the ultimate sunny, pared-down escape. Enter the latest property on my Mexican getaway wish list: Hotel Escondido.

A good beach hotel is a work of art: polished enough to feel like an indulgence, relaxing enough to be an escape. Grupo Habita, whose buzzy, design-minded properties include Manhattan's Hotel Americano, nails the combination with its latest offering, 16 palapa-roofed huts on a surfing-friendly stretch of Mexico’s southwest coast.

At the Hotel Escondido in Puerto Escondidio, Mexico, set to open this month, the emphasis is on the essentials—a good bed, a private pool—while urbanite-pleasing extras include weekend paella cookouts by the shore and a dance club that is literally underground.

Cross ventilation supplies the breezes; surfboards and stools serve as decor; and tropical-wood floors are just what you want to feel underfoot with sand between your toes. Today, I'm fantasizing about curling up on one of those tangerine-orange loungers nestled amongst the rocky shoreline and letting the lapping tide lull me into a mid-afternoon sleep.
I'm the former Style Editor at Lonny.
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