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NYC's Newest Women's Club Is A Design Lover's Dream

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Photographed by Nicole Franzen for Maison.
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After years of men's clubs dominating NYC, recently women have been carving out rooms of their own. If you can easily tell from the quick expansion of The Wing across the globe, there's a huge demand for female-focused communities. The newest women's space with a design to fawn over? Maison, a free-of-agenda private club on the Upper East Side.

"Maison was inspired by my own personal need for a space like this," explains founder Ashley Wu. "Something close to home, multifaceted, with a community of women who are in a similar place in our lives."

"When I had my second child in 2017, working from home became more challenging," she explains. "It’s harder to hide from two kids! I designed my work life to be flexible, and so that I could be around for drop off and their activities, so proximity was very important to me. And this concept did not exist on the Upper East Side until I opened Maison."

Whether you're thinking of becoming a member yourself or just want to peruse the beautiful design, we recommend reading ahead to explore the amazing clubhouse.