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Nashville Designer Ceri Hoover's Charming Modern Farmhouse

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Photographed by Brett Warren for Lonny; Styling by Colson Horton with AMAX.
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We love a home that forgoes trends for cozy vibes and a timeless aesthetic — making it the ultimate haven to kick back and relax.

Tennessee-based designer Ceri Hoover’s modern farmhouse abode is truly one of those places where comfort and class intersects. Filled with classic furnishings and antiques a-plenty, the handbag and shoe pro worked with her friend and designer Kati Lockey (over Pinterest!) to achieve all-star results that are the epitome of southern charm.

We took a peek inside her lovely home in Nashville and got the scoop on where she sourced some of her one-of-a-kind pieces, custom artwork, and more. Can we move in?

Stylist: Colson Horton with AMAX.