Of the Moment: Breton Style

The French navy deserves a big salute. Issuing striped uniforms to its sailors, the navy inspired designers such as Coco Chanel to incorporate stripes into fashion. Breton style, a nautical look that originated on the coast of France, is a bit more rustic and less preppy than its New England counterpart. Both classic and comfortable, a Breton-inspired outfit is just the thing for an afternoon bike ride or a picnic in the park.

1. Guy de Jean Striped Pliant Auto Umbrella; $70, Opening Ceremony | 2. Audrey Tautou as Coco Chanel | 3. Herringbone Linen Cropped Top, $242, Tibi 4. Bonne Maman Orange Marmalade; $4.69, Bonne Maman | 5. Artisan Maple Bread Board; $29, Williams-Sonoma | 6. Fishnet Pillow; $118, Ortolan Organic | 7. Sailor Stream Bikini; $266, Anthropologie | 8. Tretorn Chambray Sneakers; $78, J.Crew | 9. Marlon Brando Seaside | 10. Roost Boucle Wire Wastepaper Basket; $48, Velocity Art and Design | 11. French Folding Chair; $179, Wisteria |

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