See It Now: Decorative Carpets's Graffiti Rug Collection

Decorative Carpets graffiti collection |
(Tattoo and contemporary artist Donovan Faulkner at work.)
Anyone who thinks designer rugs are the farthest things from street clearly hasn’t seen the latest collection from Decorative Carpets. The three-generation-strong Los Angeles brand recently commissioned tattoo and contemporary artist Donovan Faulkner to create a series of designs whose eye-catching motifs hark back to his tagging days.

In this 20-second sequence, Faulkner—whose tattoo clients include Téa Leoni and Whoopi Goldberg—outlines the bold features of a woman’s face that expresses his own gypsy spirit.
Decorative Carpets graffiti collection | Lonny.comThe Graffiti Rug Collection will be displayed in the windows of the company’s West Hollywood showroom through mid-October; proceeds from sales will benefit the Heart of Los Angeles youth community center and the Lady Between the Lines Los Angeles Art Foundation.

Photography and video sequence © Manolo Langis.
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