Everyday Chic

Upon stumbling across these adorable Cynthia Rowley Band-Aids, we thought, 'why can't all utilitarian items be this chic?' This sent us on a search to find some clever, stylish alternatives to those functional (and fun... we just couldn't resist including the surfboards!) items that are often overlooked when it comes to design. In an attempt to glamorize the everyday, we've pulled together some options that we think will put you in high spirits next time you've been put on trash duty or get that inevitable paper cut.

1. The Laundress Dryer Sheets, $16 | 2. Yves Saint Laurent Travel Adapter, $450 | 3. Reach by Design Toothbrushes: $5.99 | 4. Everglades Tape Measure, $4.95 | 5. York Trash Bucket, $24 | 6. Alice Supply Co. Trash Bags, $12 | 7. BAND-AID Brand By Cynthia Rowley, $10 | 8. Leopard Designer Broom, $29.95 | 9. Chanel Surfboards, around $4000 | 10. iomoi Mustique Red Matches - Set of 2, $12 |

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