See It Now: West Elm's New Universal Expert Line

(Photos courtesy of West Elm)
Confession: my current kitchen is a ridiculously unhelpful 5 x 5 feet. A tiny alcove off my living room, it's just large enough to fit a miniature stove/oven combo, a sink, a refrigerator, and me. So even if guests wanted to help me wash dishes and clean up after a dinner party—who am I kidding, a cocktail hour—they couldn't.

The good news: I'm moving next month (YAY!). However, until then I'll be lusting after the latest line of multifunctional kitchen tools and tabletop pieces from British designer Sebastian Conran's collaboration with West Elm, available now and expanding throughout the rest of the year. It's called Universal Expert, and most of the pieces were conceived to serve more than one purpose—not to mention look great while doing it.

(Photos courtesy of West Elm)
Take this sleek serving platter. As is, you can fill it with chips and place dips and salsas on the beech-wood-lidded compartment at its center. But you can also use that center area as a carving board, letting a meat's juices catch in the groove below.

And these wooden spatulas—which come with holes for easy drainage—have me thinking of all the cabinet space I'd save if I didn't have a colander.

(Photos courtesy of West Elm)
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