The Future is Clear: Versatile Acrylic Decor

Whenever I shop for my home I ask myself whether or not a piece of furniture has lasting power. Will it stay with me through future moves? Is it timeless? Will it pair well with other investment pieces? I've made plenty of purchases to which I've later said, "why in the world did I spend money on you?!" (I'm talking to you, foldable college dorm furniture), so now I'm retraining myself to seek out "lifer" pieces that are in it for the long a BFF. An inanimate, material BFF.

I've taken a liking to acrylic furniture for this reason. Easy and unpretentious, I think of acrylic pieces as the popular kids that can hang with every crowd. Clean, clear planes can serve a function while "disappearing" to let bold color and pattern take center stage (above), or juxtapose a carved marble mantle and pair of midcentury chairs to create a strikingly modern seating area (below).

The mother-daughter duo behind whimsical stationary brand Peyton & Clark just debuted their first furniture design: a petite acrylic table etched with a fan coral-inspired motif. I can picture this holding icy beverages poolside next to a neon lounge chair, or adding a feminine element to an all-white bedroom. And, more importantly, I think we'd be friends forever.

photo courtesy of Peyton & Clark

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