Cire Trudon Celebrates #RoyalBaby Mania With A Custom Bougie

Inspired by the royal family's estate, the Cire Trudon Balmoral is a new addition to the storied brand's extensive range of artisanal bougies parfumées—scented candles. The unique fragrance is meant to evoke "the aftermath of a passing storm in the Scottish Lowlands... meadows under the green sun surrendering their herbaceous vapors to the passing wind." Top notes include foliage and cut grass, with midnotes of freesia, tea, and iris and bottom notes of musk, pine wood, and sap. To complete the package, the box showcases a custom illustration by British painter and illustrator Lawrence Mynott. We'll take two!

(Photo courtesy Cire Trudon)
Cire Trudon candles are biodegradable, 100 percent paraffin-free, and devoid of petrochemical additives. The wicks are made of pure cotton and have a burn time of 70 hours.
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