Lonny Lexicon, Lesson Four: Pattern Vs. Print

At the Aerin for Lee Jofa preview last week, we caught up with Lee Jofa's executive vice president, chief creative director, and all-around textile genius, Stephen Elrod. He filled us in on a subtle but important differentiation when talking about textiles: All prints are patterns, but not all patterns are prints. So, when in doubt, say pattern. Some examples (and a pop quiz) below.

Print or Pattern?
This may look like a print, but it’s the weave of the fabric that creates the design you see. This one is a pattern. 

Print or Pattern?
Trick question! It’s actually both. This textile is created by applying dye to the surface of a woven fabric by hand blocking, screen printing or digitally printing the design. So it’s a print, but it’s also a pattern. 

Print or Pattern?
Technically, this one is embroidery, but you’re safe calling it a pattern.

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