Bathing Beauties


Caitlin’s latest watercolor reminded us of the collection of vintage bathing suits at the Costume Institute of the Met. While most of these date to the pre-bikini era, it’s possible to score some great vintage suits at flea markets, antique stores, and even online. They’re usually framed simply and hung in a beach house or a child’s room. Instead, consider mounting a vintage bathing suit between two sheets of Plexiglas. It’ll both emphasize the suit’s form and offer a welcomed juxtaposition of old and new.

1. Two Piece Bathing Suit Courtesy of Miriam Whitney Coletti | 2. Norma Kamali Bathing Suit | 3. Tom Brigance Bathing Suit | 4. Bathing Suit Courtesy of Jacqueline Loewe Fowler | 5. Fendi Bathing Suit | 6. Tom Brigance Bathing Suit

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