Trend Alert: The Elephant in the Room

With their regular appearances in children’s literature and film—from Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who! to Dumbo and Babar—it’s no wonder elephants have such a wide fan base. And while you may have long since tossed your VHS of The Jungle Book, there’s no reason you can’t make room for another elephant or two.

P.S. We’ve heard the elephant symbol is good luck only if its trunk is facing upward.

1. Thomas Paul Elephant Shawl: $60; Velocity |  2. Elephant Noir Perfumed Candle Box: $95; Gearys | 3. Bernard Maisner Elegant Elephants Cards: $100; Horchow | 4. Spisani Elephant Bookends: $295; Barneys New York | 5. Utopia Elephant Lamp: $350; Jonathan Adler |

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