Art Lesson: Jonathan Ball

Michelle Adams “went mad for” Jonathan Ball’s “Untitled 03-062-28” in our March/April issue, and so have we. Born in 1972, Ball began his career at the age of 11 when he started taking and developing his own photographs. Simply branding him a photographer, however, belies a rather impressive and diversified resume, which boasts a bachelor’s in art history, a J.D. from Harvard Law, and a master’s in urban planning from Harvard’s prestigious Graduate School of Design. Ball is now based in Oakland, California, but his work is exhibited and collected around the country, including our very own office!

While it’s too difficult to pick a favorite, we love this selection for the clever, and even comical, contradictions. The draped chandelier is both grand and delicate. The painting, in its ornate gilded frame, is rendered unimportant through abrupt and unapologetic cropping. The massive jaw of a sperm whale disappears among a dizzying Gothic colonnade, and two goats stand guard at an old watchtower at the Great Wall of China.Check out his full collection here. You can also purchase his work at one of our favorite online galleries, Zatista.

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