Meet Lonny's New Editor, Angela Tafoya

Meet Lonny's new editor Angela Tafoya and hear five things inspiring her right now.

Photo: Maria del Rio.

In case you may have noticed, there is a new kid (ahem, me) in town. I'd like to consider this my digital handshake of sorts — and figured why not extend a friendly hello to you guys. And, what better way to get acquainted than to share a few things that are currently inspiring me right now and a hint of things to come. 

I'm really excited to be overseeing the site (and officially joined a few weeks ago, coming from Refinery29 where I was the West Coast Lifestyle Editor) and now that my sea legs are starting to set in, I can't wait to dive in. But, I don't want to make this all about me. I'd love to hear from you guys (you know, the folks reading this!) what's on your mind these days. Give me a shout in the comments and feel free to share anything (well, almost anything) below. I'm here to chat. Okay, let's get this started. Ahead, are five things I can't get enough of these days.

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