Trend Alert: Mustachioed

Sometimes you choose pieces because they’re beautiful, sometimes because they’re practical, and sometimes because they’re just, well, funny. It’s great when people don’t take themselves too seriously and, instead, allow themselves to introduce a little humor into their homes or wardrobes. With the mustache motif, less is more. Work in a small dose via a pair of mugs hanging in your kitchen, a few mustachioed pencils in your desk drawer, or, if you’re feeling particularly brave, a pillow or two.

1. La Cerise Sur Le Gateau Moustache Cushion Cover: $83.20; Selfridges & Co. | 2. Mustache Erasers: $4; CrewCuts | 3. "The Moustache Grower's Guide" by Lucien Edwards: $9.95; Amazon | 4. Mustache Mugs: $20; Kimay | 5. Mustache Pillowcase Set: $34; Urban Outfitters | 6. Mustache Pencils: €11.00; Charles and Marie

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