Assouline Hops the Pond

With all eyes on the U.K. at the moment (specifically, a certain royal family), it comes as no surprise that our friends at ASSOULINE are setting up shop in London. The luxury publisher is partnering with Liberty to open its first-ever curated global Literary Lounge, equipped with the signature Mondrian “Wall of Books,” artisanal furniture, and champagne service. With more than 1,000 titles, this boutique will carry the most extensive ASSOULINE collection available in the U.K. ASSOULINE will also retail limited-edition, collectible objects and will offer a library design studio where professionals can curate a personalized home library in line with the brand’s aesthetic.

Says cocreator Prosper Assouline, “Opening with Liberty offered us the possibility of an expanded ASSOULINE concept....Having a tea, a coffee, or a glass of champagne is one of the most luxurious moments you can have in a library.” We agree!

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