Coach's Mother's Day Stories


"We've always been your mother's favorite, and now we're yours" says Coach in its Mother's Day Stories campaign, and it's true! Many of us can easily recall that first moment we coveted a wallet or a handbag from the luxury brand. A Coach wristlet or keychain has claimed the top spot on the wish list of almost every tween in America, and it was often our mothers who honored us with our very first "adult" leather good.

To honor its heritage as well as our own, Coach's Mother's Day Stories Campaign has asked influential tastemakers to share their stories about the brand. We are so excited to see our very own Michelle Adams as part of this distinguished bunch, which includes the likes of Gretchen Gunlocke Fenton, Eva Chen, and Lauren Sherman. You can submit your own story on Coach's Facebook page, and be sure to check out Michelle's story here! Happy early Mother's Day!

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