Shop It Now: Handmade Raindrop Bangles by Baleen

This post was written by guest contributor Jess Chamberlain, a Seattle-based writer whose love of good design is second only to her passion for environmentally friendly—and locavore— living. Look for her #MadeInAmerica posts all month on our blog.
Raindrop Bangle 3-Pack Colors, $36/set. Photos courtesy of Baleen. I have a thing for colorful geometry. I love how modern lines are made playful in bold hues. Thoughtfully designed and hand-formed in Seattle, these raindrop bangles by Baleen are brass wire colored with a powder-coated finish. At $36 a set, these beauties are priced to wear and debunk the myth that "handmade" and "artisan" implies "costly" and "elite".

Dear Baleen designers Leah Lawrence and Billy Bartels, our jewelry boxes thank you.
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