Afternoon Sweet Tooth: AB Biagi Opens in New York's Nolita

Last Saturday evening, as I was strolling along Elizabeth Street in downtown Manhattan after a lovely dinner at the Musket Room, I stumbled upon a sliver of a storefront housing my new sweet treat of choice. Italian gelato by way of Brazil: meet the scrumptious AB Biagi.
Antonio Barros Biagi, who grew up in the Brazilian countryside, opened this citrus-hued gelateria and espresso bar last week and furnished it with personal knickknacks and family photos to give it a warm, welcoming feel. Drawings by Federico Fellini and decorative plates by Brazilian designer Brunno Jahara share the space with a 70-year-old picture of Biagi's grandmother at age 20. A beautiful wooden tea trolley from Marcenaria Baraúna (which Biagi brought with him on the plane) is propped perfectly with café accoutrements: a pitcher of water, sugar, silver teaspoons laid out just so.
And the gelato? Pricey, yes, but well worth the cost. My chef husband, perhaps the pickiest (read: annoying to go out to dinner with) unpaid food critic in the world, gave the superlative pistachio two thumbs up. AB Biagi, I'll be back.
(Photos by Daniele Teodoro)
I'm the former Executive Editor of Lonny.
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