Of the Moment: Faux Fur

When Karl Lagerfeld announced during Fall Fashion Week 2010 "Fake is not chic-but fake fur is," we might have breathed a sigh of relief. Finally! It looks like we won't have to choose between a good conscience and a good wardrobe staple this season when it comes to fur. Designers and department stores are now showcasing gorgeous faux outerwear that's giving the real deal a run for its money. And who said this trend couldn't extend to the home? These faux fur pieces are equally warm and cozy, and also prove that you don't have to sacrifice animals (or your savings) to get a look that is luxurious and chic. 

1. Chanel Fall 2010 RTW Collection from Vogue.com | 2. Urban Outfitters Faux Fur Butterfly Chair, $79.99 | 3. West Elm Ombre Faux-Fur Throw, $119 | 4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Cheeky Faux-Fur Scarf, $280 | 5. JCPenney 18" Square Studio Faux Foxtail Pillow, $14.99

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