Tongue-in-Cheek Art Prints to Brighten Any Space

Read Between the Lines | courtesy Read Between the Lines)
When Dallas-based card company Read Between The Lines had its spring launch party, it wasn't their tongue-in-cheek notes that stole the show—it was their promotional materials. For the presentation, the ladies behind the cute-cool brand blew up their graphic greeting cards into poster-sized prints, with endearingly quirky phrases like "You're the Bestest And The Mostest" and "XOXO To You" emblazoned in clean sans letters on a crisp white background. Clients were so taken with the one-off presentation, an instant demand for RBTL art prints was born. 

Read Between the Lines |
Creator Melinda Jones responded with a bold collection of 16" x 20" prints for the quip-happy 140-character generation, which come framed (in black or white, for $85) or unframed (for only $25). Stylishly expressive wall adornments that won't break the bank? Consider us charmed. 

Read Between the Lines |
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