Pottery Barn Frames... I'm a Fan!


Wood Gallery Oversized Mat Frames from Pottery Barn

Sometimes it doesn’t occur to me to hit the big stores when shopping for home accessories. I like things in my home to feel “custom” and unusual. But I must say: I’ve recently fallen in love with Pottery Barn’s frames. I'm probably very late in arriving at this party. It’s likely that everyone else in America already knows about these frames. But I’ve always been a big snob about custom framing. I’ve spent a fortune framing family photographs and such, and sometimes custom framing is the only thing that will really work. But for black-and-white photos in particular, I’d recommend heading to Pottery Barn—their frames are well-made, sensibly priced, and quite attractive. And for the moment, anyway, they’re on sale! And they look exactly like the frames I spent a fortune on at the frame shop. I mean, you cannot tell them apart. It’s all excellent fodder for a strong argument against snobbery, if you ask me.

Posted by: Robert Leleux

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