Wedding Registry: Fine China

We’re excited to announce a week of bridal registry suggestions applicable to brides-to-be and stumped shoppers alike. We spoke to Susan Fredman, a Chicago-based interior designer, and she’s categorically broken down the bridal must-haves. We’re not going to give anything else away, so be sure to tune in all week to see her suggestions and our accompanying picks. Read below for Susan's first must-have:

As an interior designer, I always tell my clients that timeless design never goes out of style. Sure, you can purchase items to change up your space and accommodate for different life stages down the line, but investing in timeless pieces provides a good base for the future. The same is true for your wedding registry. This is a great opportunity to ask your guests to give you gifts that act as a foundation to be used throughout your life together and can also be mixed and matched with future purchases.

Since china is something that stays with you forever, choose a timeless color and pattern that will work throughout all stages of life. You can always change up the look with placemats, napkins, napkin rings, table accessories, glassware, and even flowers, which don’t require large investments and can be bought down the line. - Susan Fredman

1. Syracuse Dinnerware Set by Haviland: $190.00 - $210.00; Neiman Marcus | 2. Lakota Dinner set: $72.00 - $88.00; Pendelton Woolen Mills | 3. Pickfair Dinner Set by Kelley Wearstler: $475.00; Pickard China | 4. Dunham Collection: $26.25 - $71.25; Ralph Lauren Home | 5. Neutral Three Piece Plate Setting by Mud Australia: $124.00; Gretel Home | 6. Kosta Boda "Mine" Black Dinnerware Set: $30.00 - $125.00; Bloomingdales | 7. Tableware Nature’s Canvas 4 pc set by Wedgewood: $59.99; Bed Bath & Beyond | 8. Brocade Tableware: 4.99 EUR; ZARA Home | 9. Mosaique au 24: $100.00 - $1,775.00; Hermes Paris |

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