Editor's Top 10: My Favorite Moments from Lonny's July/August 2013 Issue

Hello, summer. That's the mood we had in mind for our Garden of Eden–inspired cover of Lonny's July/August 2013 issue, featuring actress, director, and (award-winning!) screenwriter Lake Bell in her brand-new Brooklyn backyard. In an issue full of dreamy moments, these were my top 10 favorites.

10. Market editor extraordinaire Cat Dash put together three capsule wardrobes for summer jaunts around the world. Jamaica, Montauk, or the Greek Isles—which one would you choose? My vote goes to this spread on Greece, if only for the Rachel Comey one-piece that feels so fresh and sexy right now.

9. Interior designer Chloe Warner has been one of my favorites ever since she launched her own firm in San Francisco. The glossy café au lait walls of the dining room at lower right, paired with the gray-lavender walls: pure genius.

8. Oh, Ben Watts. How much do we love you? Your fashion photography, your Montauk beach house, your retooled scooter, your fancy water shoes. You can #shhhhh us anytime. 

7. All hail Rose Uniacke: London-based antiques dealer, interior designer of the moment, and one of my idols. I bow down. 

6. Why have a work/live space that looks like the same old/same old when you can make like Jon Sherman of Flavor Paper and have this trippy fantasia as your entrance hall? And I hear the guy throws one hell of a party. 

5. Doesn't this fun, poppy spread (another Cat Dash special) make you want to escape to the woods of Maine or pitch a tent in Yosemite Valley? 

4. On days when the stress of having two toddlers and a demanding full-time job just gets to me; when I've stood all morning on a crowded New York City subway; when I wake up in the middle of the night dreaming of the sea—I'm going to close my eyes and summon up a mental image of this Nestrest chair on DEDON Island, gently rocking in the ocean breeze.

3. My love letter to Port Antonio

2. Articles editor Jen Fernandez wrote such a languorous, lulling, texturally rich piece on Mirabelle Marden and her family's homes on Hydra, Greece, that it's almost painful for me to read it for the wanderlust it evokes. What I love most about this story is the unstyled simplicity of the interiors, which have their own quiet beauty. Doesn't it just bring up memories of every vacation house you've ever loved? And this harbor shot needs no words.

1. And finally, my favorite moment of all: I've said it before and I'll say it again, but I work with, hands down, the best people in the world.

Enjoy the issue.
Irene Edwards, Lonny executive editor

I'm the former Executive Editor of Lonny.
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