How To Make the Perfect Moodboard With Susan Hable

At High Point Market last month, we stumbled upon these elaborate and totally gorgeous inspiration boards made by Susan Hable, of Hable Construction, for the brand's latest collaboration with Hickory Chair. In fact, we were so inspired by the boards that we had to get the details on what goes into making them. Here’s what Hable had to say:

Blue Blooded
"This board is comprised of all shades of blue! For market at Hickory Chair, we like to build these boards to reiterate the colors that we're loving and palettes that would be seen in an environment that Hable and Hickory Chair might create together. Blue is a color that we've used in past collections with Hickory Chair—we love layering different shades in the same room for a rich and a more thoughtful look."

Fifty Shades of Purple
"We talked early in our development of fabrics for market this season about what colors we would try to capture in the showroom. Blackberry and plum kept coming up so this board was all things periwinkle, lilac, lavender, eggplant...over and over! We used paintings from our studio that captured the range of plums that we were trying to develop that can be found in passion flowers, roses and iris. Also, there were wonderful images of gems and minerals which were the inspiration for the geode pattern—new to Hickory Chair Spring 2013. This board was wildly successful to me because every designer that walked into the room responded to it! Color is amazing when you can see an immediate reaction."

A Dashing Mix
"This board was such fun to put together. I had really focused on the other two in a very clear way of showing a color, but this was more for concept and the architecture of our pattern. There is fashion photography, mixed with a real piece of dried vine, mixed with a painting of the outline of gems from our studio. The palette was basically a neutral one with dashes of color like canary yellow, bronze, charcoal and a few touches of red. This is very much how the showroom works: wonderful neutrals and gorgeous touches of color dappled throughout."
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