Photo: Courtesy of Paul Ferney For Oh Happy Day.
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Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day has one of the most color-soaked Instagram feeds out there. And her site, which is full of enviable DIYs, saturated party supplies, and surprising soiree tips is a must-bookmark.

So, it only makes sense her studio would be an extension of that vivid ethos. After bursting at the seams in her former Mission-based space, Ferney recently moved into a palatial new studio that houses everything from a Pin-worthy kitchen to a cozy living room to an open space for photoshoots and events.

“After lots and lots of looking I found a listing on Craigslist that didn't have photos but was in the perfect location,” Ferney tells Lonny. “As soon as I walked in I knew it was perfect. “I practically forced the check into the landlord's hand. We had to build it out but were able to sign a long lease so I know we would be here for a long time.”

Take a look at the inspiring space ahead — it's filled with plenty of colorful decor ideas to try on your own. Fire up that Pin button.