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One Couple's Transformative (And Eco-Friendly) Vacation Home

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For on-air host and blogger Tienlyn and husband and artist Nikko DeTranquilli, their dream vacation home was a stark cry from a glossy property in a far-flung destination.

Nope, their respite of choice took some serious elbow grease and a lot of love. Their Joshua Tree renovation, dubbed Cactus Mountain, was a gut job that the two completely transformed themselves. “When we bought Cactus Mountain, it was literally just a box. There was no kitchen or bathroom, aside from a toilet and a sink,” Tienlyn tells Lonny.

If that’s not impressive, the fact that’s 100% sustainable with everything from gray-water system to eco-friendly materials and house supplies sure is. Take a peek inside the remote property which Tienlyn describes as “magical.” We think we’d have to agree with her there.