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One Couple's Transformative (And Eco-Friendly) Vacation Home

What are your favorite things to see and do in Joshua Tree?
"There are so many favorite things to do! Indian Cove is about five minutes away from Cactus Mountain, so we absolutely adore going there for a walk to take in the surreal boulders and rock formations."

"We also love going to the cholla garden in the park — at sunset, all the cholla (cacti) begin to glow fluorescent green and it’s seriously unreal!

"We can’t recommend a sound bath at the Integratron enough — it’s totally mind blowing and we love the history behind this incredible structure. Plus, it has awesome outdoor hangout spots if you just want to swing by to check it out.

We also love Noah Purifoy — it’s 10 acres of found art objects created by the artist, that are charged with context and history, and we still see something new every time we go." 

"For eating, you can’t beat the smoothies at Natural Sisters, and La Copine is by far our favorite restaurant in the entire high desert. We also love taking in live music at the Joshua Tree Saloon over fish tacos - you would never expect it, but they are craaazy good!"