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One Couple's Transformative (And Eco-Friendly) Vacation Home

What was it about Joshua Tree that interested you guys?
"There’s this crazy energy here that’s basically indescribable, and completely different from anywhere else we’ve ever been. It’s incredible how alive the desert truly is. Plus, the community here is amazing — there are so many artists, creatives, and people who just generally prefer to forge their own path. There’s actually a saying about Joshua Tree that the people here don’t think out of the box, because there is no box."

"This is really a place you can come to pursue your true passion in life without all the white noise. We came here to create our own world with our own rules and values. Both of us feel more creative here than anywhere else. Plus, the sunsets here are alarmingly beautiful — there’s something so profound about a community of people who intentionally put time aside on a daily basis to stop and watch the sun set. To us, that’s what real life is all about."