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One Creative Couple Decorated Their Entire House With An App

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Photographed by Dustin Walker for Hutch.
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One of the trickiest parts of shopping for a new home is being able to visualize how the decor will look in your space before you buy it. So when couple Jonpaul and Anica Douglass got a brand new pad, they faced an interesting challenge.

"We’ve always lived in lofts or tiny studios, so this was the first time we had to design a home with multiple rooms and over 2,000 square feet," they share. "We laugh that we still aren’t quite used to having a house where we can close the bedroom door." To help them get an eye on the design, the pair turned to the app Hutch, which allows them to visualize and shop new items in their space thanks to 3D technology.

"It was really exciting to see how things fit together in terms of scale and functionality," they explain. "We had an idea of the style we were going for and we had no trouble picking individual pieces that we love, but it was difficult for us to conceptualize the entire design without seeing everything together — that was a really helpful advantage of using Hutch."

After picking some key pieces on the app, the couple was able to style a gorgeous airy space that's utilizes natural materials, color, and lots of artful details. Read ahead to get a full look at their beautiful new home.